What nIIz is:

nIIz Designs was created partly as an outlet for their crafts, also a way for them to declutter their crafty areas so they can actually move around the house. When Nicky gets in her crafting mode it usually means yarn all over the place or beads and needles in the arm of the furniture if she can’t find a pin cushion. You’d think she’d learn to keep one at hand at all times.
Liz swears she used to have a dining room table; it might still be under the beads that are waiting to be turned into something. Maybe one of these days she’ll be able to spot it, for now; they’ll keep searching; maybe there’ll be a story about it and of course Nicky’ll be there to log it all down.
nIIz is eclectic just like the two that run it. They have yet to really figure out exactly what they want to dedicate their crafting to, so until that happens, enjoy the craziness. You know they do.
All items in nIIz Designs are handmade, seriously, they get the sore wrists to prove it when they really get going with things.

Nicky’s creations:
Nicky has her ‘lazy’ moments that end up looking cute, these she calls Blonks, they’re Amigurumi toys that start out wanting to be monkeys, but end up just being blobs. She insists it’s because they won’t tell her exactly what they want to be. Most of these stand three and a half inches tall and are perfect sized to tuck away in a bookbag, purse, or even next to lamps and alarm clocks to give a smile when someone’s down. Each one starts out the same, but they all get their personality as they’re being built so it’s impossible to make two the same, she’s tried, and failed each and every time.

nIIz Designs

Welcome to nIIz, our fanciful realm of crafty delights. We only offer one of a kind items that you won't be seeing anywhere else.